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We are based in Cheswick Village, Bristol. 

Our salon comes with a Wealth of knowledge. Our Salon Director & Owner Sarah has over 30 years experience within the industry. Sarah has previously owned & managed other salons with years of success.

Our aim here is to make you feel like the best version of yourself, along with giving you an experience to remember. We are going to be offering a range of hair and beauty services within our salon.


Within our salon we have a room away from the rest of the salon. This room is set up like a mini salon, with a mirror, chair & basin. 

We have set up this room to allow inclusivity for everyone.

One use for this mini salon is for people with additional needs who may find having their hair done a very stressful experience. This room allows them to have their hair done and let them feel as comfortable as possible during the experience. 

Another reason we set up this room is so ladies who are unable to show their hair to men due to religious reasons can come to a salon to get their hair done, and know that they are in an environment where a man won't accidentally see their hair.

Please let us know when booking if you would like your appointment in this room.


We are a fully accessible hair & beauty salon. Everywhere in the salon and all of our door ways are wide enough for a wheelchair to fit through. If you require any additional help during your visit to the salon please just let one of our team know.


Our salon is a safe place for everyone, including new parents. We have a baby change in our toilet. We are happy for new mothers to breast feed their babies wherever they feel comfortable in our salon. 


We know hair cutting can be a stressful situation for some children, which is why we aim to make their visit to our salon as fun as possible. During your childs visit we will offer them a drink, snack and sticker. The drink choices include Orange Juice, Apple Juice or water, and the snack options include either a couple of biscuits or a piece of fruit from our fruit bowl. They will get to choose a sticker at the end of their appointment.

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